Tamara Kalinowska


Tamara Kalinowska
Polish poet, composer and singer. Born in 1960, in Bielsko-Bia³a.
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As the winner of the Student Song Festival she joined the legendary Cellar Under the Rams (Piwnica pod Baranami), a famous artistic cabaret, the best cabaret in Poland and the oldest (still existing) in Europe. For many years it's been a bohemian birthplace, a hangout of strange, mysterious and sometimes bizarre people. Tamara found her place there. Singing onstage, she shares her deepest feelings with the audience. And the audience loves her. Piotr Skrzynecki, the founder of the cabaret, used to say, "No one sings about love, women and solitude as beautifully as Tamara." Those who listen to her songs feel that way too.

Romantic songs; bitter and true. Tamara Kalinowska has traveled around world with the cabaret (from New York to Norway) and people everywhere have come to her after the performance, saying "This song is about me".

Tamara sings her own songs and writes individual compositions.  More recently she works on music for films. Her debut was the music for the short film "In Sight" directed in Utrecht, Holland by the Polish director Anna Hodalska. This cooperation with Dutch filmmakers has gone even further. At the moment Tamara is writing music for the film "The Bridge".